So back in early 2013, when we were tootling around on deconstructionbehalf of Learning is for Everyone (LI4E), we participated in the first ever Deconstruction event. We were fresh off our first go-round on Red Bull Creation 2012, where we made it into the semifinals. We discovered that we really enjoyed the intellectual and creative challenge collaborative build events presented us,as well the great opportunity for intergenerational project based learning.

Partnering with Urban Conga, we took the top prize in the 2013 Deconstruction. We’ve been deconstructing and reconstructing ever since, building Eureka Factory from the seeds of LI4E, seeing the development of ideas about makerspaces in libraries into actual working spaces like the Hive at John F. Germany Library, producing large scale creative programs like ROBOTICON and Gulf Coast MakerCon, and collaborating with others in the service of curiosity driven learning and living.

So we were excited to see the Deconstruction – a 48 hour Experiment in Creativity, Problem Solving, and Absurdity – launching again in November. An “un-competition is open to anyone, anywhere, of any age and skill level,” the goal of the Deconstruction is completely in alignment with our own world view: to make the world a little better, or at least a little more interesting, using readily available resources and as little money as possible.

The Deconstruction encourages us to talk, consider, reconsider, create, and recreate. It’s an invitation to creatively and intelligently think and play together.

And that’s an invitation the Eureka Factory just can’t resist!