The Challenge

Creating a makerspace that will actually be used and increase the volume of community facility attendance at libraries or other community centers, while avoiding the catastrophe of spending funds on spaces and programs that go under utilized can be a perilous challenge. What seems like fun and a great idea at first, can flop if it fails to fulfill the creative channels hidden in the interests, talents or wishes of the patrons and community.

The Solution

Eureka! Factory knows how to discover specific creative space and program needs and wants within a community. Designing library makerspaces and creative programs tuned to the community in which a community agency serves is a primary factor in successful implementation, while understanding and embracing a culture of listening, agility and flexible growth is a key to sustainability. Eureka! Factory – Make It Happen.

We’ve been working with Terri and Steve Willingham at WiIlingham Associates … They have been an excellent resource for us in development of our makerspace and robotics team. They understand the public library’s role in a community and are very easy to work with!  

Nancy Fredericks

Libraries Administrator, Pasco County Library Sysytem


The kinds of creative spaces and to programs that can be implemented in a library or other community center are endless. Eureka! Factory can design the spaces to fit well into your agency’s environment, and help you curate the appropriate programs, resources, volunteers and mentors to make your public makerspace a success. 

Below are just three examples of our work in the Tampa Bay area.

The Hive, at John F. Germany Library, the flagship library of the Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative, was also our flagship makerspace project, a 10,000 sq. ft. facility, since developed into smaller spaces throughout the county.

The Foundry at Land O’Lakes Library in Pasco County, is one of our smaller, but most successful projects, now in it’s 7th year as a thriving woodworking space & arts center.

Regency Park Library, another of our consulting projects in Pasco County, FL, took a more culinary turn, launching Regency Fresh, a cooking space at the library.

What We Can Bring to Your Community Space


Think food programs are too messy or pricey for your center? Think again! One Florida public library is successfully hosting an ongoing series of culinary programs without breaking the bank.


Student robotics programs are way more that just robots. A true sport for the mind, these programs help our youth develop skills in problem solving, teamwork, technical design, mechanics, electronics, programming, writing, public speaking, and gracious professionalism.


Woodworking programs can be very poplar (OK, pun intended). From shop safety, to learning techniques, to furniture making. These programs have been quite successful in Pasco County’s Land O’ Lakes Public Library!

Audio / Video

A Multimedia Studio can draw in members of the community that have never been to a public library! So many uses for such a space from music recording, animation, video production, editing, and the list goes on. A very popular section in makerspaces that have one.

Eureka! Factory works directly with you and your agency or government department, Friends, staff, volunteers, and community to gather all the information needed to help you develop creative spaces and programs that are tuned to the needs of your specific community.



The Eureka! Factory, a trademark of Willingham Associates LLC, is a collaborative of creative individuals and business partners who believe in the power of community driven innovation to help people move from passive consumption to empowered and active creation of their future and ours.