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Eureka Factory providing hands on maker experiences at Pasco County Library staff development day.

The Eureka! Factory team are consultants, makerspace designers, event producers and program planners throughout the Tampa Bay area. We’ve brought hands on, empowered learning and living events and programs to thousands throughout Tampa Bay for the last ten years, as well as producing a generous library of thought provoking literature, art and other resources. Our work includes:

Who We Are

steve and terri

Eureka Factory is owned and operated by Steve and Terri Willingham.


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A professional writer and photographer, Terri is the author of two books on health, , Makerspaces in Libraries (Rowman & Littlefield, 2015) and numerous articles across a range of topics from health to education, religion and philosophy.  Terri’s work is focused on helping empower individuals to live and learn in meaningful, personally fulfilling and socially productive ways.  Her newest volume, the Complete Book of Library Makerspaces (Rowman & Littlefield) is due out in late 2017. Follow her blog here.

A Systems Engineer by trade, Steve has been the key agent of success on a wide variety of government projects for satellite communications, civil aviation, manned space flight, and commercial venues including insurance, financial services, medical technology, and accounting. Steve is the concept and design architect behind Tampa Bay’s precedent setting 10,000 sq. ft. public makerspace at the John F. Germany Library, and volunteers as a mentor and member of the organizing committee for FIRST Tech Challenge youth robotics programs in Florida.

Eureka Factory Team Members


Chuck Stephens providing Tampa Bay LIbrary Consortium staff development training.

Additional team members include Chuck Stephens and a number of other Creative Partners who assist or support Eureka Factory programs and projects.