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Creative Space Consultation


Recording Studio at the HIVE, Tampa

Beyond all the hype we see and hear about makerspaces in libraries, Eureka! Factory actually delivers a customized comprehensive, program and space plan, along with a financial cost estimate for developing truly successful creative spaces tailored for your library’s specific community of patrons, volunteers and staff. The Eureka! Factory package is an essential aid for procurement of project funding and has been a key element in local library makerspace success stories. The Eureka! Factory also provides team building experiences for library staff and administration, and troubleshooting services for evaluating makerspaces and creative programs.

Each customized kit includes a

  • Community Inventory of potential collaborative partners in business, professional associations, community services and education
  • Budget
  • Suppliers list, with local resources wherever possibleLOL makerspace consultation quote
  • Ready-to-use space plan
  • Program recommendations
  • Draft organizational documents, and
  • Evaluation recommendation for measuring outcomes

all tailored to the needs of organizers.

Completed Projects


The Foundry, Land O’Lakes Library

Provided Consultation & Training Services


Our goal is to help clients develop sustainable, enduring and productive makerspaces, FabLabs and community innovation centers that can revitalize existing programs, repurpose underutilized space or launch new spaces to better serve stakeholder communities and provide new avenues of enjoyment, fulfillment and success for all users. Central to the success of this goal is ground up development that leverages the interest and support of stakeholders. Additionally, providing a resource toolkit specific to each facility that takes into consideration staff capabilities, community needs and preferences, volunteer capacity and collaborative possibilities helps ensure long term program sustainability and growth.


IMG_20150209_182640147Our Creative Space consultation program is a multi-step process to develop capacity building capabilities within facilities to better connect them with community resources and partners, and make better use of internal skill sets and community partners of which organizers may not be fully aware. This process includes:

  • Stakeholder Inventory of service area community, including identification of potential collaborative partners in business, professional associations, community services and education
  • Focus group meeting with staff and volunteers to identify areas of need, interest and capability
  • Interactive training and orientation to Creative Culture with hands on learning opportunities for staff and volunteers in the types of activities and programs that can be offered to patrons
  • Facility evaluation to consider potential improved or repurposed space use to better accommodate innovative programming or possible innovation space development
  • Delivery of customized Creative Space resource kit that includes, as relevant and desired, space use plan, programming suggestions, organizational documents, partner recommendations, and evaluation tools for measuring outcomes
  • Follow up advisory support

Please Contact the Eureka! Factory to arrange for a free visit to assess your needs and provide a quote for your customized creative space needs.

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