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make-all-the-thingsEureka Factory is many things to many people.  We provide consultation services to libraries and organizations to help development public makerspace, FabLabs and community innovation centers. We support area FIRST robotics teams as mentors and volunteers, and through the production of ROBOTICON, an annual FIRST Showcase event.  And we’re active in our local maker community, collaboratively producing Tampa Bay’s signature maker festival, Gulf Coast MakerCon.  We also just plain love Making Things!

Traveling Makerspace

We often Make Things with local libraries, usually the Land O’Lakes Branch Library in Pasco County.  This isIMG_20150129_171733357_HDR
an awesomely fun group to work with, especially with Instructables builds, which beyond being fun often function as educational opportunities to introduce patrons and staff to some interesting tools, resources and processes.  Sometimes we make things for contests, like Red Bull Creation or the Deconstruction, and sometimes we make things with collaborative partners like Boca Bearing Company, and sometimes we just make things for fun!

Here you’ll find links, photos and resources related to some of our niftier projects and hopefully some ideas to inspire some of your own!

Instructables Group

instructables group

The Eureka Factory group on Instructables provides an online gathering place for our mobile maker group and friends.  There you can find all our Instructables projects in one place, plus the work of our great collaborators like Chuck Stephens.  We enjoy taking Instructables Build Night projects to our local libraries and FIRST teams and youth groups.


Maker contests offer great creative exercises on a deadline! Some of our favorites have been Red Bull Creation and the Deconstruction.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQOlBgtGi0o?rel=0]


Collaborative Builds

chuck scan screenshot

Click image to see full 3D scan

We also work on custom projects for groups and individuals.  Our biggest project so far has been the Bocatron, a modular, conference ready 3D Body Scanner.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahUOXuQTjlM?rel=0]


If you love making things, too, here are some resources and sites you might find helpful and enjoyable!

Want Help Making Something?

Let us know! If we can’t help, we’ll connect you with someone who can!

Get in touch via our Contact Page.

Make On!