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Power of Love Notes Redux – Share Your Stories!

I’ve gotten a few inquiries and want to reassure folks that I haven’t forgotten about The Power of Love Notes and have every intention of completing the book in the very near future.

It’s just that the Power of Time is commensurately less compelling with the Freedom of Self-Publishing. With the only deadlines self-imposed, it’s easy to keep pushing them out!

That said, my recent Summer of Sorrow (car accident, death of our dog, etc) has been kept in perspective largely because of the Power of Love Notes –  those of the written, spoken and visual nature, and the equally powerful yet more subtle experiences of clearly being loved, which constitute a different kind of love note.  I count among these “love notes” evidence of the bracing and embracing endurance of nature that I experienced in Alaska and the Ozarks this summer, and which I always feel when I’m outdoors.

However, without the whip cracking of a publisher and editor to impel me forward, I’m turning to you, my friends and readers, to help me fire up the muse and wrap up my manuscript.  I invite you to share here your stories of Love Notes that have made a difference in your life, or the lives of others.  

I may ask to use the most compelling and interesting in the book, and at the very least, as the starwheel churns out shorter days and longer nights, and the seasons of giving and sharing come around, we can all benefit from reminders about the power of expressions of love, in all their myriad forms!


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