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Taking Ambiguity on the Road, to Spirit of Life UU on September 2

Throughout the summer,my spiritual home,  Spirit of Life Unitarian Universalists  has been welcoming guest speakers and religious leaders from a diversity of faiths and backgrounds, to give members and guests an opportunity to better understand our religious and spiritual neighbors. On Sunday, September 2nd, at 11 AM, I’m one of those guest speakers.

I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the agnostic value of embracing uncertainty and how, in the spirit of a Unitarian Universalist hymn, “even to question truly is an answer.”

Drawing on some of the reflections I shared in “Delicious Ambiguity,we’ll be exploring our ” imperfect efforts to create order out of the natural chaos of life and living, ” and how that tendency toward narrative unity sometimes “paints us into a corner, or leads us down blind alleys” that only lead to more confusion and chaos.

Sometimes, there simply aren’t any answers to the problems we encounter. Sometimes, especially if we’re honest with ourselves, our narrative boils down to an essential and enduring unknown.

Adult Discussion and youth programs begin at 10 am, at Spirit of Life. In Adult Discussion, I’ll be helping facilitate discussion on the topic of  “Neil Armstrong and American Heroism”. Neil Armstrong was “ happy to become a professor of engineering in his native Ohio in later life, and in no way vainglorious. That was an admirable side of the American character of which we have lost sight as the bogus cult of celebrity has taken hold. It is, of course, the antithesis of the ancient world’s vision of a hero.”

Learn more about Spirit of Life UU at or call 813-792-1622.


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