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Congratulations Power of Love Art Contest Winners!

I recently ran a Power of Love art contest at my Fine Art America gallery,  asking Fine Art America members to “Show us the love – couples, families, friends, children, love in the wild, the tender and unexpected, the subtle and heart warming. ” Did they ever! 121 members entered over 200 pieces of remarkable art in the contest.  After a week of voting by members and the general public,  three top place finishers emerged and I share them here as love notes of delightful artistic merit!

Our First place winner is Belinda and Barney, a wonderful inter-species portrait of friendship, by John D. Mabry. Mr. Mabry is a “semi-retired … self-taught watercolorist and illustrator” with a history as colorful and creative as his work! You can read his full bio at his website at Fine Art America, and enjoy more of his fantastic art.

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Second place went to Todd Thomas‘ painting of Jesus, titled “I Love You.”

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Born of Dutch and Albanian descent, Mr Thomas began drawing and painting at age three. Living in western Europe as a teen inspired and taught from the sketchbooks of European masters Michelangelo and Dali, Mr Thomas began working toward a career in fine art, graphic design, illustration, photography and music.   Mr Thomas’ studied fine art at Richland College under the direction of artists Tom Motley and Jim Stover, Brookhaven College under the direction of Jerry Hill and at University of North Texas. His future goals are to combine art and music into a complete audio/visual presentation and experience.  You can check out his  new music CD release ‘Come Away With Me’ at

Third place was Angi Parks‘  couples portrait,  “Growing Old Together. “

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Angie says, “I was born and bred on the coast of Oregon in a little town called Sandlake. I married my high school sweetheart and now we have three teenage boys.  I currently reside (my husband is the full time care taker) at a boy scout camp called Camp Meriwether a few miles down the road from where I grew up.  My favorite thing to photograph is the ocean.
Many thanks to these and the dozens of other artists who shared their images of love in the contest, and truly showed all the ways there are to love and be loved!  Thank you all!

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