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Speaking Out Made Easy!

Annoyed by what happened during the so-called Special Session July 20th? Ticked off that you won’t have a voice on the issue of continued drilling in the Gulf of Mexico in November? Insulted, offended, outraged by your legislators complete self-absorption and failure to remember they serve the people and not their own personal agendas? Want to do something?

Well, here’s the list of all the representatives who voted against Floridians this week, along with their direct email addresses, so you don’t have to go through that time consuming process of writing each representative, one at a time, through the online form at 

If you’re among the outraged, why not drop your representative a line, if he or she is on the list, and let your representative know how you feel about being dismissed and having your tax dollars wasted on petty posturing?  Better yet, why not drop them ALL a few lines?

Watching the July 20th Special Session might be instructive, and possibly provide a good muse for letter writers, as well: 

And if you want to send notes to the 44 Legislators who tried to speak up for us by voting against adjournment, you can find that list here.


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