An Exciting Competitive Robotics Event!

ROBOTICON is a hallmark production by the Eureka! Factory. We handle all of the production details, from leasing the venue, to registering the teams, sourcing the power, procuring the compitition field, and handling the miriad of details that come hand-in-hand with creating one of the most exciting and well attended off-season FIRST robotics events in the country.


The energy generated among the teams, the croud and the fans is nothing short of off-the-charts, insanely crazy fun. Competing, crashing, scoring, singing and dancing, ROBOTICON puts the real fun in the Sports For The Mind.


Student team members learn to get their hands dirty and work together to overcome the inevitable mechanical, electrical, or programming issues that crop up in the heat of compitition.

teams from around the world

Teams from all over the world are invited to attend ROBOTICON. In 2017 we hosted a magnificent team who flew halfway around the globe to participate. The team from China, the “Red Hurricanes” competed well and made many new friends in the Tampa Bay area.

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